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Uses Of Portable Air Compressors
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Types And Uses Of Portable Air Compressors

Air compressors are motorized devices that increase the pressure of the gas by reducing its volume. There are stationary and portable air compressors. Portable air compressors are used to power all kinds of heavy machinery on sites where large compressing machines can’t be brought or accessed. They are different from pumps because pumps compress liquid into gaseous formand store itmainly for transportation purposes while air compressors can be applied for any gas that is to be pressurized.

The mechanism behind its working is the reciprocating piston technology. There are other technology based compressors but this is the most commonly used one. Here, the inlet sucks in the atmospheric air that is to be compressed and sends it to the piston module which compresses the air whilst decreasing its volume through repeated piston pumps. The compression process is powered by an electric motor. When the piston retracts, the empty space gets filled with atmospheric air from the outside that is sucked by the vacuum through the inlet. Now as the piston extends, the air gets compressed and is slowly released into the discharge valve thus pressurizing gas. Portable air compressors can usually deliver 7 to 12 bars. To learn in depth about the air compressors see more on this page https://paintsprayers.reviews/, a complete store for all your home improvement needs.



There are 3 different technologies based on which the portable air compressors are divided.

  • Under the positive displacement technology, the portable air compressors are::
  • Reciprocating portable air compressor—

This type of air compressor uses the piston reciprocating technology as explained above. This is the most commonly used yet cheapest portable air compressor in the market.

  • Rotary Screw portable air compressor—

The working is on 2 positive displacement meshed rotating helical screws that compress gas into a chamber. Usually used for long continuous periods. It is portable.

  • Scroll portable air compressor—

It has two interleaved spiral like vanes that compress fluids on the go.

  • Under the Dynamic technology, there is the Centrifugal air compressor whose working is based on a rotating disk or impeller which is shaped into a housing that forces the gas to the rim of the impeller thus increasing its velocity. The diffuser then transforms the velocity into pressurizing the gas. This is also an easily portable air compressor.
  • Lastly the Hermetically sealed air compressor that are used in refrigeration systems were developed to be portable and safe yet come with a lot of disadvantages like the fact that if even one part gets damaged, the entire machine needs to be replaced.



Portable air compressors are the backbones of any air powered machines. On paintsprayer.reviews get the best reviews and guides for air compressors and more. From heavy machinery works to small air filling repairs, portable air compressors are used anywhere and everywherebased on their use. To list a few basic uses of it::

  • Jet engines
  • Pipeline transport
  • Refrigeration
  • Scuba diving tanks
  • Cabin pressurization
  • Emergency oxygen cylinder tanks
  • Drilling works
  • Manufacturing and building sectors
  • Basic cycle tyre air pumps etc.