Sierra de Yeguas
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5 Facts About Sierra de Yeguas

In this article, I have gathered a couple of interesting facts about the city of Sierra de Yeguas. Some of you may know them while others find out for the first time. Regardless of the category, you fall into, here are some cool facts about one Sierra de Yeguas that I know you will find very interesting:

The town celebrates San Bartolome Fiesta, this celebration always takes place between 24th August to 26th August, this town has other important dates like the Romeria de San Isidro which is celebrated on 15thy May.

Porra camera, this is a soup dish with bread, tomatoes, boiled egg and tuna are the most typical dishes in the region. They also have a unique oolong milk tea recipe

This place is rich with attractive natural attractions, therefore, it is good for nature loving people, and it has a lot of great leisure facilities for those who visit the place to enjoy.

It has great archaeological discoveries known as the Roman villages.

Half of the oil production in this Sierra de Yeguas is produced in an eco- friendly manner. There is no environmental pollution during this production contrary to what happens in other countries.

If you go on a holiday in Sierra de Yeguas, you will find out that it is a very fascinating place to be. This place has some awesome surprises for you as a tourist that you would not want to miss out on.

All these mentioned facts are really interesting and will, this can, therefore, make you have the desire to visit this place as soon as possible. Before you make up your mind to visit this destination, you have to first look at the accommodation available in that area and check whether their prices are within your pocket range, although there is a wide range of accommodation available in Sierra de Yeguas.

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